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12 Tips to improve remote work:

  • Organize and identify the workplace.

  • Use a good chair preferably with a lumbar back and armrests.

  • Use a suitable table for the job.

  • Good lighting, ventilation and temperature.

  • When working with computer screens, every 20 minutes you should focus on a distant point and keep your gaze for 20 seconds to rest your eyes.

  • Avoid annoying noises.

  • Set work schedules with active rest breaks.

  • Take an active break of 10 minutes (relaxation exercises or meditation) for every 50 minutes of work in a sitting position.

  • Define time with the family outside of scheduled hours or during active breaks.

  • Follow or implement personal routines, such as exercises, listening to music, playing a musical instrument, reading, hobbies, playful games, among others.

  • Rest, sleep and eat well.

  • Stay home, maintain social distancing and all government regulations established by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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