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The value chain that is developed by Lukoll begins by evaluating the peruvian market to determine the potential of the product, we then coordinate with the supplier, health registrations are obtained, with the respective legal and regulatory support. The training for the detail personnel is developed in-house. The importing of the product, the logistics management, and its distribution nationwide, are carried out so that the product reaches the consumer in optimal conditions throughout the country.


We develop an integral marketing strategy in coordination with the laboratory whose products these are, for this we have a highly specialized team in pharmaceutical marketing, for both ethical and OTC lines. The marketing team receives permanent medical counseling and design the strategies and promotional material that will support the work of our medical representatives and detail personnel. They also receive permanent training and can effectively transmit the benefits of the products to the medical and pharmaceutical body. We have strategic alliances with the top distributors in the country, whose synergy ensures the permanent presence of our products throughout the national territory in both institutions and drug stores.

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