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Intimate Feminine Hygiene

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Intimate feminine hygiene is of utmost importance at any age, from the years in the nest, through puberty and even after menopause. Health care in general helps our own body regulate and take care of itself: exercise, eat well, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise in particular allows us to maintain a correct intimate function and when walking or running the muscles of the genital area are exercised, at the same time keeping our body in good condition and with additional benefits such as making us feel good.

Cleaning the intimate area should only be done on the outside, since introducing artificial chemicals alter the good bacteria we have and can lead to infections. A correct cleaning, only external, ensures that the intimate genital area is not irritated or fungi appear. Depending on the age, we must also take certain precautions: when we help the girls after using the bathroom, it should be cleaned from front to back, so as not to get dirty with remains of feces; or in sexually active women, care in relationships is important to avoid infections.

Exercise, healthy eating and natural, delicate cleaning products that hydrate us. We must make healthy living a new trend!

Dr. Ruben Porudominsky


Lukoll Medical Consultant

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